10 Gift Ideas For Women

What Types Of Gifts Do Women Want?


Top Ten Gift Types That Women Want

1. Lingerie

If you know the woman well, then giving her a gift of Lingerie is something she is guaranteed to love. Just make sure you know the correct sizes to buy. Most women prefer frilly, girly garments with lace. Silk is great if you can find it. Seems silk undies are not as readily available as they once were. As to the styles of underwear, g-strings and thongs are good choices for panties. When it comes to bras, lots of women prefer push up style bras to natural ones. Also make sure that you get a matching set. Women love items that match.

2. Gift Cards

If you are unsure what to get and want to be on the really safe side, gift cards are great. You don’t have to worry about sizes, colors, what’s in fashion or hip. One size literally fits all. If you are unsure of which store is her favorite, then go with a major credit card type gift card, like from American Express, Visa or MasterCard. These gift cards can usually be found in most retail stores, like grocery stores and big chains like Target at the check out counter. Also, banks have these gift cards as well. Probably, the biggest choice you will have to make is the amount you want to put on the card. You do not want to seem cheap, but at the same time if the amount on the card is too much, the recipient may feel a little uncomfortable accepting such a gift. So give some thought as to how much would be appropriate.
Remember to put the gift card in a really nice card appropriate for the occasion, like a birthday card.

3. Day Spa

Most women love to be pampered and what better way to do that than with a pass to a spa. There are lots of options for spas you can give to a woman. Some spas are more health oriented and others are very beauty oriented, hair, nails and makeup. Of course there are other spa establishments that do both. So you need to think what type of woman are you gifting this to. However, even if you get it wrong, don’t worry, the woman will still love getting pampered for the day and will thank you ever so much for the spa day treat.

4. Flowers

It is almost impossible to go wrong with flowers. Women love receiving flowers. Just remember that there is an old rule about the color of roses you gift to a women. Red is normally for romance and love; yellow is for friendship joy and good health; pink is for love, gratitude and appreciation; white is for marriage, spirituality and new start and orange is for enthusiasm and passion. Of course you do not just have to give roses. There are lots of varieties of flowers to give to a woman, so don’t feel limited by roses. A mixed bouquet is always a good choice so if you are unsure of which flower to give, then this will serve you well.

5. Perfume

Many women love perfume. In fact lots of women have a favorite scent they make as their own. If you are unsure of which perfume or au du toilet to give her, you can ask a close friend if they know or compliment her on her scent and ask if she has a favorite perfume. Another great way of finding the right perfume is at a large department store. Most carry a wide selection of scents and the sales person can usually offer good suggestions. Regardless, of which one you choose, you can be sure the lady will be very impressed you chose such a nice and personal gift for her.

6, Jewelry

Remember the old say,  diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Well for most women that is true, whether the jewelry has diamonds or not. Similar to perfume, women can be very particular about their jewelry. So unless you know exactly what type of jewelry she prefers, go with a more generic choice. Also, remember, that certain types of jewelry are generally reserved for more romantic involvement, such as rings. So if you and the woman you are gifting the jewelry to are not real close, you might want to stick with earrings or a bracelet. As things heat up, then you might want to think about a necklace, especially if it has a stone or two in it. Finally, there is the almighty diamond. Unless your woman just does not like diamonds, and there are a few of them out there, then if you want to really impress her and show her how much you care, then almost any type of jewelry with a diamond will do the trick.

7. Gift basket

Gift baskets come in all types of shapes, sizes and types. Some have food, others have personal items like soaps and loofahs and others may contain items like candles and potpourri. You can create your own if you cannot find a basket that has the types of contents you want to gift. Also, don’t feel like the container has to be a basket. There are lots of gift baskets that are not actual baskets. Some are actually made up using containers, vases, jars, buckets and tins. The list goes on and on. So let your imagination run wild and gift a basket of goodies your gal will like.

8. Candles

Lots of women love candles. Why do you think they have stores that are dedicated to sell just candles. Of course candles come in lots of shapes, sizes and colors. Also, some candles have scents and other do not. Consider gifting a candle with a wonderful holder for the candle to rest in. The nice thing about candles you don’t have to worry about being too personal or will it fit. Candles fit in all decor and if for some reason she does not like what you have chosen, she will hold on to it any way and use it when the power goes out during a storm. Again, everyone wins.

9. Stationary

Even in this day of email and text messages, there are still times when a handwritten note is the right thing to do. So a gift of nice stationary is something most women like. It is not too personal and yet it says here’s a gift just for you. There are lots of choices of stationary to choose to give. If you are so inclined, you can even have it personalized with her name or initials. There are note cards, thank you cards, note paper and letter paper, and they come with matching envelopes. All of which have their place in a woman’s stationary collection. So go ahead and give that special woman her own stationary. You’ll probably receive a nice handwritten thank you on a piece of it.

10. Jade Kegel Eggs

This one is a bit tricky given the personal nature of the item. However, every women should exercise her Kegel muscles. To do so strengthens those pelvic floor muscles which helps avoid uterine prolapse and female incontinence. Since they are made from a natural semi-precious gemstone, the jade eggs are not made of manmade products which can leach into the body. These jade eggs are a great bridal shower gift and baby shower gift, The woman who receives this gift knowing the importance of kegel muscles exercises will know that you really care about her and her health. There is one other benefit that can result from using jade kegel eggs and that is an enhanced sex life for both her and her partner. With that, we will say no more and leave it to you to decide to whom you will give such a special present.